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Media Prima GMD Rafiq Razali appointed chairman of CMCF

Media Prima GMD Rafiq Razali appointed chairman of CMCF

KUALA LUMPUR: Media Prima Group managing director Rafiq Razali has been appointed chairman of the Communications and Multimedia Content Forum of Malaysia (CMCF).

In a statement, CMCF said Rafiq’s appointment came after the recently concluded annual general meeting.

“Commencing his two-year term on Jan 30, Rafiq succeeded outgoing chairman Kenny Ong, presently the managing director of Sony Music Entertainment for Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam.

“In his new capacity, Rafiq assumes leadership in shaping a resilient self-regulatory framework for the communications and multimedia content industry.

“Together with the Content Forum’s council members, he will formulate strategic initiatives aligning with the organisation’s vision, placing significant emphasis on self-regulation and best practices essential for industry growth and consumer protection,” it said.”

Meanwhile, Rafiq said he was thankful for the role and looks forward to upholding and raising the bar on the work done by the Content Forum since its inception.

He also underscored the imperative of evolving to meet the ever-expanding content landscape’s dynamic demands where he expressed the need for regulations and influence to extend to a wider spectrum of platforms and industries.

“Continuous attention and thorough consideration of the needs of our esteemed members at the Content Forum are paramount moving forward.

“My goal is to broaden the Content Forum’s scope, recognising that consumed content extends beyond licensed platforms in Malaysia.

“Ideally, the Content Forum and the Content Code should encompass a more extensive array of industries as we progress,” he said.

Meanwhile, Content Forum chief executive officer, Mediha Mahmood said she looks forward to working together with Rafiq.

“We look forward to jointly fostering a content ecosystem that embraces creativity, innovation, and sustainable industry growth.

Our shared commitment involves upholding the cultural richness, harmony, and values integral to Malaysia within the dynamic landscape of the content industry.”Rafiq, who assumed the role as Media Prima Group MD on Oct 1, 2021 had served as the group executive director from Feb 18 of the same year.

He had also previously been Rev Media Group chief executive officer.


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